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"Sherri Robinson-Miller is an amazing artist who transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Eleveating makeup into an art form, she creates an atmoshere of beauty and talent mixed with magic. At the same time Sherri is fun, light-hearted and hysterically funny. She's collaborative and inspiring and makes sitting in her chair an experience like no other. Most importantly, Sherri enables each and every one of us to be the person we want to be and to fell the best the we can about ourselves."



Sheri Wrzesniewski





"Sherri Robinson-Miller did my makeup for my wedding, She was amazing not at just makeup, but making everyone feel comfortable and did anything she could do to make the flow of the day go smoothly. She was very organized and even did things she wasn't hired for. I would highly recommend her services to any bride!!"







I met Sherri Robinson-Miller in the summer of 2005 when I was about to get married. The girl who was supposed to do my wedding makeup backed out and Sherri offered to step in and not only do mine, but my whole bridal party as well. Ten years later, I wouldn't trust anyone else to touch my face and we now call each other friends.


I have watched Sherri put makeup on people of all ages and races ad she always gets it right. She manages to find the perfect look for everyone without making you look over -the-top. She aslo takes the time to teach you how to do it  yourself based how much time you have each day to put your makeup on. I think what sets Sherri apart from other artists, is that she makes you feel happy when you leave. She doesn't try to change the way you look, she makes you look like a better version of yourself.







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